improv games


When's the last time you found yourself "winging it"?  (chicken noise) 

Making up a recipe, telling a story, concocting a table shim out of napkins, or going with an idea to see what happens-- this is all improv!   An improvisational approach to life gives us more avenues to peace and Playville.  

Although, being improvisational is not a commonly-promoted approach to current times.  Society at large tends to value thinking ahead, making plans, educating, etc. etc. etc.  While these are important things to put into play at least half the time--there's a huge need for, well, not doing these things.  Relinquishing agendas, choosing to feel as opposed to think, and really existing in the moment--for the moment.... are not only components of improv, but also traits of good leaders and groovy people.  

One profound thing I've learned about the act of improvising... (producing/making from whatever is available) is that it has to be nurtured and practiced.  As we find ourselves grasping for what we think is unreachable, or trying to think our way through everything... we recognize that improv will save the day! 

Practice improv in your life by playing improv games! 

Improv mantras for the week ....

"go with it"  

"yes, and..."

"make your partner look good"

"relax, nothing is under control"

"let's be weird together"

"sounds are the coolest, kerplunk! splat!  sciddley doooooo!"