Little Good Wolf


The little good wolf wakes in the morning and gets out of bed....

after a big, stretchy yawn, she puts flowers on her head.  

The flowers rest upon her head, as she lights up any room....

with her stunning eyes, sweet-little-smile, and marvelous perfume!  

This poem is was inspired by Haley Sky Allen (my 9-year-old niece) who darted to my dress-up stash with the gusto of a squirrel in summer!  

I must fess-up...

When it comes to dress-up, I just can't get enough!  I've played dress-up with EVERY AGE, 0-100 + and it never fails to create at least one sacredly silly moment. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah... One of you is thinking that dress-up is a germ-infested nightmare. 

I feel you.  You don't have to put anything on ... but you can engage in looking, joking, and provoking during a solid, group dress-up.  Maybe you're the photographer; or maybe you write a poem about it later, like I did!

Come what may, there's always a way, to play today.