"Mindy was very skilled in leading in an interactive way! She has great presence, conveys authority (in the best way possible), and has mastered the material and key messages beautifully.  Very impressive! The content throughout was practically useful and her way of delivering it was excellent! I felt that I came out a better person and am grateful for that." 

Eilon Caspi Ph. D, Dementia Behavior Consultant 

 "Mindy brings a fun approach to engagement with our residents with dementia.  She is able to interact with them no matter what stage of the disease process they are in.  She also gets the staff to interact and become involved, and is well liked by all."

Jennifer Morgan MS, RN, Owner of Breck Homes LLC

"Mindy did a wonderful job of introducing concepts and inviting the participants to get comfortable with presence of self in the space."

Judy Peters DNP, RN, Wellness Consultant